2012 News


Congratulations to Dr Dong Wang for the new cover article !
Dr Dong Wang's perspective review on organic thermoelectric modeling has been published as the cover story in the latest issue of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.
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Congratulations to Prof. Zhigang Shuai for receiving the 2012 AkzoNoble Chemical Sciences Award !
AkzoNobel Chemical Science Awards are granted to distinguished scientists and engineers who have made significant contributions in the chemical and materials sciences.


Prof. Lin-Wang Wang
Prof. Lin-Wang Wang visited our group.
Professor Lin-Wang Wang, from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, was invited to our group to give us a lecture on the electronic structures calculation on polymeric materials and nanostuctures.


Prof. Lin-Wang Wang
Prof. Fan Wang visited our group.
Professor Fan Wang, from Sichuan University, was invited to our group to give us a keynote lecture on TDDFT calculation on evaluating spin-orbit coupling