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Department of Chemistry

Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084 P.R.China

Tel: +86-10-62772969

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Research Interests

  • Computational study on the carrier transport and thermoelectric property for the novel 2D nanomaterials including carbon-based nanosheet.
  • Interrelating quantumchemical and electrochemical properties of carbon materials.


2006 - 2009
B.Sc. in (Biotechnology + Zoology + Chemistry), Tumkur University, India
2009 - 2011
M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry, Dept. of Industrial Chemistry, Kuvempu University, India  
2011 - 2012
Research Assistant, Kuvempu University, India  
2012 - 2013
Project Graduate Trainee, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, National Aerospace Laboratories, India  
2013 - 2106
Ph.D. Material Science, Dept. of Material Science, University of Guadalajara, Mexico  
2017 -
Postdoc, Tsinghua University (Beijing)

Recent Selected Papers

  • Gururaj Kudur Jayaprakash, Norberto Casillas Santana, Pablo D. Astudillo-Sánchez and Roberto Flores-Moreno, Role of defects on regioselectivity of nano pristine graphene, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 120 (2016) 9101-9108.
  • Gururaj Kudur Jayaprakash* and Roberto Flores-Moreno, Quantum chemical study of Triton X-100 modified graphene surface, Electrochimica Acta 248 (2017) 225-231.
  • Gururaj Kudur Jayaprakash, Bahaddurghatta Eshwaraswamy Kumara Swamy, Bananakere Nanjegowda Chandrashekar and Roberto Flores-Moreno, A combined cyclic voltammetric and theoretical study of BzTCMCPE for determination of dopamine in presence of ascorbic acid, Journal of Molecular Liquids 240 (2017) 395-401.
  • Gururaj Kudur Jayaprakash, Bananakere Nanjegowda Chandrashekar, and Bahaddurghatta Eshwaraswamy Kumara Swamy, Graphene Modified Carbon Micro-Surfaces in Voltammetric Sensing Applications, Book Chapter Microscopy Applied to Materials Sciences and Life Sciencesemical Sensors April, 2018 (ISBN: 9781771886727).


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